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Want to sell your products on the web?

Dog Bone Designs has the experience to make setting up your online store easy and inexpensive. We use an extremely flexible shopping cart program called Hazel. The best part about using Hazel is that you OWN her. Once you buy the license, there are no monthly fees required to operate your store. This is considerably different than the majority of shopping cart programs available on the market. The basic license will allow you to sell up to 100 different products. Additional modules can be purchased for a searchable product database, optioned products, or to sell an unlimited number of products.

Contact us for current prices on Hazel Modules.

Plus, if at some time in the future you decide to move your site to a new provider, everything you need to run your store is yours to take with you. Of course, we will provide you with such great service that you will never want to leave, we just wanted you to know that the option is there.

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